Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was on my way back home and entering the tube and picked up one of those magazines they hand out every evening outside the station. Perhaps now my most favorite magazine ever. I doubt I'd ever read it again but that issue was perhaps the best I've ever read. It was all about fashion. Just because London Fashion Week was on at the time.
They had stories on Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Delal which I loved. They had stories on Henrey Holland and his friends, Gareth Pugh and his boyfriend! It was lovely!
But what fascinated me was the article on the fashion crazies.
Sure, you've got your Lady Gaga and your Nicki Minaj. Sure. But have you ever heard of Pandamonia?
Pandamonia is an artist that goes by that very name. He is 7 feet tall including the wig and the heels and fabulosity at its best.
I thought I'd seen it all when Lady Gaga came into being. But Pandemonia does not get nearly as much credit as she ought to. She's a regular fixture at London Fashion Week and is always up front row. Everyone quite honestly loves her but most are fascinated by her. They've never seen anything quite like her before. A true believe in pop art, Pandemonida, eats, lives, breathes and also dresses that way. Clearly.
Check her out below.

Others mentioned by the magazine (deluxe)  under the Fashion Extremists category are:
Daphne Guiness- Model, designer, fashion writer, style icon, millionaire and latter day Cruella-De-Vil.
Grace Jones-  The original fashion forward pop icon, friend of Andy Warhol (of course) and studio 54 Stalwart and still walks on the wild side of style.
Nicki Minaj- What she lacks in size, she makes up for in style. The petit rap star has myriad far-fetched fashion alter egos.
Charles Guislain- Spotted everywhere at fashion week, this 19 year old French photographer and baby goth has already snapped fellow gender bender Andej Pejic for Crash Magazine.
Isabella Blow- The magazine fashion editor and Philip Treacy's muse died in 2001 but will long be remembered for her style and remarkable hat collection. And last but not least, one of my favorites...
André J- This bearded New York based tranny and party planner frequents fashion shows and has been on the cover of Vogue Paris.

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