Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparing myself for Lakmé Fashion Week.

Lakmé Fashion Week is just around the corner and I'm working with two beautiful women- Anita Walia and Annaliza Ganguly of Deux A. These two Indo German designers are show casing under the GenNext section and having interacted with Anita and working with her, I can tell you that not only are they so very professional, but also possibly the sweetest employers ever. (I actually haven't met Annaliza yet since she just got to India and I haven't had the chance to meet her yet.
Their personalities aside, their creations are beautiful and edgy! It doesn't conform to any particular type and I always like that in designers (Morphe, Shivan Narresh to name a few)

So this Lakmé Fashion week will be my first. I've always read so much about it on blogs and seen pictures and what not but I've never actually been there. And this time besides all the after parties and squeezing in time to hang with my bestie, I'm also going to be working VERY hard and also will be speaking at the Fashion & You Bloggers convention. Which is such a huge honor because up until then I didn't even think anyone read my blog. So yes, this is definitely such a big deal for me.

I'm also in the middle of putting looks together for the Fashion Week.
I'm not revealing anything but I'm hoping to put up some pictures of me from the event as soon as I'm back!

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