Friday, July 22, 2011

Walter Steiger.

I was just surfing the internet and stumbled upon a shoe designer called Walter Steiger. Now, I'd heard of the label before but I never bothered looking into it. And after seeing the images I just did, I wish I had!
The shoes are perfection, no less.
The arch from the soles and the arch the top of the foot forms, it all adds to the seduction of the foot to leg to waist to breast to face to hair thing.
I love love love these shoes. Good for me, they make shoes for men and I spotted myself some favorites too.

Want these more than life itself.




  1. So I know I'm female and all that, but I wouldn't mind giving an arm for those simple black shoes you too feel an unbearable longing for. One day dhruv, one day!

  2. It'll happen, it'll happen. We can walk in and just buy whatever we see on the rack. And if theyre too uncomfortable or not the right size or whatever, we won't have to worry about returning them because it'll all just be pocket change for us.

    Some day.