Monday, July 11, 2011

Chanel J'adore. Fringe bag love.

I confess, my love for Chanel is only limited to their hand bags and tweed jackets and skirts. But it just ends there. (Well, jewelry, sometimes)
I remember, seeing this bag on the Chanel Window display at Selfridges and fell in love instantly. I love fringes. And I love Chanel bags. And then when you combine the two, there's just a whole lotta lovin'.
It was black and just everything that defines awesome. I recently saw Kim Kardashian carrying this bag wearing it with a Roberto Cavalli leopard print jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin platforms. She looked straight out of the seventies.
Check it out. Isn't it amazeballs? You'll see more posts on Chanel bags I admire but will never carry. Why, my masculinity is at stake..... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Joke Okay but I still won't carry a Chanel hand bag unless I can somehow make it look even half manly.

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