Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Okay, get over it. I think Kim K's cool.

I'm going to address something I've been bullied over for so long now. The fact that I am indeed a Kim Kardashian fan. And why not?
People can not look beyond her sex tape scandal. Sure, she made a stupid stupid stupid mistake but you know what, at least she sprung right back up from it and created an empire so big for herself that some only dream of.
Other than the fact that she is drop dead stunning in every sense, she is also my style icon. Suuuure, I mean you got Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway who give you one stunning red carpet appearance after another. But Kim has always stuck true to her style. What people think though, is that my statement here is a lie because everything she wears is always in trend. Have you wondered who might partially be responsible for popularizing the trend that's so widely accepted? With over 7 million twitter followers, Kim has created a huge fan base for herself. Some like her for her beauty, some like her for her 'assets'  some like her for the inspirational woman that she is and some like the way she dresses, and then there's some who like her for everything combined. I'm one of them.
Kim Kardashian's become a house hold name now. Everyone knows who she is but no one knows what she does. She endorses companies like Quicktrim, she has her own shoe label, which admittedly, might not be my favorite, only because it's never original. She also has her own clothing labels in collaboration with OVC and Sears etc. She promotes charities, attends events and club openings and she's constantly in and out of photoshoots and airports. Heck, I'd love to be that popular. But what people don't realize is, that all this, takes so much work. More than you and I can imagine. Sure she made one big mistake in her life and it got leaked to the world. But is the public not ready to move past this? What is it so binding about that one mistake she made that no one can seem to get over it? Is it because she's a reality star and that all reality stars are considered to be sell outs? Well, I wouldn't be too quick to judge.

My own personal reasons for liking her are my own. She's a style icon in every sense. On and off the red carpet, she's always looking her best. Whether she's strapped on a pair of thigh high boots and a shredded top and a Balenciaga out shopping or whether she's wearing Alaiia on the red carpet. She knows what she looks good and she owns it. And as a fashion stylist to be, who else can I think of? Her talented stylist Monica Rose is brilliant. I've browsed through her blog on a number of occasions, which helps me understand her likes and dislikes which seem to be so in sync with mine. I have a Polyvore account where I put looks together (as an aspiring wardrobe stylist, of course) and many of my looks are dedicated to Kim Kardashian. Things I know she'd look good in.

People should not be too quick to judge. I guess with the celebrity status comes the haters so what can one do, right? But honestly, I feel that we really need to move past the sex tape scandal and see her for who she is today. (This might be a slight hint to my friends who still blame the scandal for their opinions)
She isn't flashy with her Louis Vuittons and Fendis (CoughIndianSocialitiesTakeAHintCough)
She rockers her Pierre Hardies the same way she rocks her Louboutins, she rocks her H&M the same she rocks her Gucci. Who can dislike that about her in any way?

Below, you will see a picture of her arriving at the Heathrow Airport. Again, looking as stylish and gorgeous as can be. I can't identify anything other than her Hermes Birkin bag and thigh high Lanvin platform boots. But as soon as I know, I'll post it up.
LOVE this look. See? Travelling doesnt have to mean sweat pants!?!

You can see my looks for Kim Kardashian on my Polyvore account- Here.

Tomorrow, she will be meeting and taking pictures with fans at Debenhams and I'll be right there to shake hands and pass out. Tis true. I'm meeting my style icon here. The woman majorly responsible for the career path I've chosen! How can you not be anything but grateful to someone like that?! Think about it.

Credit: xposure.com


  1. Ah, shame you didn't get to meet her. Not my fave AT ALL but if she inspires you to be the best you can be, then fine. Shame her fans were so out of control though!

  2. Honestly, I get so much heat for liking her, it's just not even funny anymore! :(
    But yeah, she does inspire me to be the best I can be. And that's never a bad thing, is it?
    The crowd literally, went mental today. People injured, shelves broken, stuff stolen and people crying. Just a typical day at Debenhams. Eh? Haha.