Friday, June 24, 2011

H&M comes to India?

The Times Of India earlier reported that the Swedish retail giant which is on every corner of every street in pretty much every other country in the world... But India, is now finally arriving on Indian shores... But keen folks may have to wait upto 24 months for that day, when the H&M doors finally open to the public... And High Heel Confidential covers all the H&M dresses all the celebrities wore to its opening. Either way, the wait is long.
I've debated over this with my friends for the longest time. Just when Zara announced that they were pitching their tents on the Indian shores. They were against it right from the beginning.
And here are some of the pros and cons I collected into an orderly fashion...

-The basic, it makes fashion available to those interested who can't necessarily afford to go abroad on shopping trips, or those who just want clothes on easy access. And what's so wrong in that?
- H&M will set a new standard for multinational retail giants to also consider giving the Indian market a shot. Topshop, River Island, Bershka, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel will all watch closely at the success of H&M and Zara after both are fully extablished... Compare profits and earnings and customer feedbacks and compare the information gained to their own use... Further increasing chances of finally bringing all the multinational giants finally into India, putting our country on the map.
- Potential improvement in sense of dressing? No? Okay. Money can't buy you taste, tis true.
-Fashion finally becoming an accepted phenomenon in our country and not being limited to just Rohit Bal or Suneet Verma but also allowing people to express themselves and their tastes by way of dressing, and H&M and it's cheap prices will allow people easy access to freedom of expression.
-Saving a shopping trip abroad for people who flew to places like Dubai or London to shop for clothes which only a select few privileged abroad go-ers only possessed.

Do these reasons make sense to you? Do you agree with everything just mentioned?

-Every embroidered/acid washed/bell bottomed/all combined jeans wearing man and woman would now have access to these clothes, which will not allow the so to speak 'fashionably forward' to remain exclusive in their sense of dressing and the clothes they own.
-Inevitable case of a 'who wore it better' amongst two girls who showed up to the same party wearing the same dress, or two boys wearing those same baby pink cargos, oozing of their 'metrosexuality'.
-That the market hardly ever really knows what the customers ever want because 9 times out of 10, I go into a store in India and I want nothing. If the clothes in the same store in London or Dubai can be better, why must they cater to JUST the group of people who buy them the most, small minorities all combined together accumulate into a vast number of people, all wanting something Zara nor H&M will keep, presuming there's no demand for it, when in fact, there is. Guys like to wear studded denim vests sometimes too, you know! The fact is, the more variety you have, the more you sell and the more you make. Of course, I'm just an independent blogger who barely knows about how the world works... But ultimately, it's us bloggers who go out and review these stores, we're one of the common people you're opening the stores for, if you don't please us, you don't stand a chance of pleasing very many either. If you cater to everyone from self proclaimed hippies to the 'Boho Chic' girls and boys, and everything in the middle, your sales WILL inevitably rise.

While majority of the Cons side sounded rather superficial and spoilt (coming from Indian friends who switch from an American accent to an Indian one when they talk, at random) I do understand their fears and agree with them one hundred percent. However, I am also not one to deny the world the pleasure of fashion. Us Indians, we're in a good place now... We're improving faster than one would expect and the world is turning to us for expansion of their products and companies. I welcome H&M to India with open arms and can not wait to do my review on it when it finally does arrive! I hope the Indian stores remain true to the H&M image with young, fresh sales persons to help you, arguably cheap prices for good fashion stuff and a good stock of world wide appreciated clothing, not getting the rejected stuff into our stores would be great. So let's hope and pray for the best!

On other news, sources here in London tell me, Vivienne Westwood is also looking to set sail towards Indian market. Plans are being made and ideas are being thought of... Who knows!
The question is- if Vivienne Westwood was indeed opening their stores in India, who would you wish to see as their brand ambassador? I'm going to get SO much heat for this but I think Rakhi Sawant could totally pull this one off... Given she educated herself a little bit, got a little less controversial (when she's not in hiding) and learnt how to pronounce the word 'Jesus' as 'Jeezus' and not 'Jijuss'. After all, Dame Westwood is a Christian after all, isn't she?

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