Thursday, June 9, 2011

Christopher Kane Cosmic Print T-shirts.

Today my friend Emma and I went to the Christopher Kane sale and might have died JUST a little bit. No kidding.
I'd been lusting over the Kane cosmic print t-shirts and I finally got them! They also had hoodies but this is all I could afford at the moment.
I got one in blue and one in orange. And love them like my babies. It's true.

Check out what we bought, below!

Tshirt number one.

Tshirt number two.

Emma bought this, which I'm not sure of what it is...

And this which I LOVED on her. 

All in all, a good day for us happy shoppers. Yay!


  1. NICE loving tshirt 2 blue one! where was the sale at?????? pls i need this cosmic nessss!



  2. Hi Paul. This sale was in London but is now sadly over.