Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rachel McAdams in Marchesa Fall 2011 RTW.

I could've sworn this was Givenchy but by the looks of it Marchesa was the genius house behind this look.
Rachel McAdams wore a red lace dress on the red carpet to the Cannes 2011 film festival.
While it's kind of a sloppy look I think the colour suites Rachel great and she wore it well.
Her shoes are Casadei. Not the best match, but whatever.


  1. She's too perfect. This dress is very fabulous, but evil. After much non-confessed stalking on facebook I have found your blog Yayy! (shanno,this is. just to save myself some embarrassment)

  2. Haha oh Sharanya. Well, as long as you found it! :)
    I'm eager to see Sonam Kapoors looks for the red carpet. I hear she's going the vintage route. But let's see. Excited excited.

  3. I don't like her! But I also think it's because she's pretty and has so many shiny clothes that I want. Maitreyi's found us red velvets in Delhi but let's see they might be a TOTAL disappointment.

  4. You're joking! HOW AND WHERE? I want a full report of these cupcakes soon okay? I need to know if they're worth coming to Delhi for. Hah. How IS Maitreyi? Oh god, I haven't been in touch with anyone! Including Maitreyi. Tell her I say hi and give her my love!
    And as far as Sonam Kapoor is concerned, she's just a pretty face with a fairly good sense of dressing (Comparatively). I like her because she has nice clothes. :) As for her acting- Errr....