Friday, May 13, 2011

My tribute to Brothers And Sisters.

As my favorite shows air their season finales I would be upset about the fact that I had nothing to look forward to come every Sunday and Monday. But sought comfort in the fact that it would come back, sooner or later. Packed with new characters, drama and a whole lot of laughing. I almost thought it was inevitable.
Until ofcourse, ABC announced the cancellation of Brothers And Sisters. My all time favorite show. This news has made me awfully upset. Beyond belief. Beyond normal, perhaps. But if you were attached to a show like I was to this, perhaps you would understand.
Every Sunday night. I would make myself a nice meal, all set with either a can of Fanta or Banana milk, and sometimes, in true Walker Style- Wine. Sit in front of my computer, watching daily dramas come to life whilst enjoying my chicken Kievs and Croissant with Fanta/Banana milk/Wine. 
I still remember moments that made me cry, like the time when the entire family got into an accident, or the time where Robert, Kittys husband died or even when Kevin and Scotty finally got married (Tears of happiness). Those moments felt true, it felt like I was there, witnessing every moment of it. When Nora would go crazy trying to host a perfect family dinner, or when Sarah would have some happy moments with her two kids or when Kitty finally got her baby boy. Everything felt so real. Every emotion I felt, was real.
My love for the show will never end. Other than love for Wine, the show taught me to be happy, love, be a part of something great, to connect with my family the way they did. To laugh and cherish the moments that counted and to learn from times when it got difficult. To be able to deal with things in a mature manner. To understand the consequences of the actions I might take. It taught me that love has no boundaries. It taught me to be forgiving, to love till your heart can love no more, and then some, to drink Wine and enjoy it, it taught me that the greatest joys in life can come from the simplest of things. It taught me that parenting isn't an easy task, but a task worth taking on, a life worth living and company worth having. Ever since the show aired, I have had a deep desire to have my own family with five children. Yes, it's true. I let the show, perhaps, take over my life. All my feelings, senses and thoughts. But what's so wrong with that? The show only had the most positive things to teach. 
The brilliant performance by each cast members was always such a pleasure to watch. From Kevin (amazing job with the accent btw, totally spot on) to Kitty who faced the turmoils she did during the 5 seasons it lasted for) to Sarah and her own family and Justin with his drug problems and Rebecca and her mother, a story so many people out there could relate to. These past few years of my life have been memorable ones. The past Idontknowhowmany Sundays, each night with a fancy meal and drink prepared, gave me a wonderful Monday morning after. 
I realized how strong the basic foundation of a family is. It's non judgmental, always available to help, almost always entertaining and always there in your time of need, sorrow or joy. 
The Walker clan taught me how to enjoy the basic things in life. It was never about fancy fashion trends or celebrity like lifestyles, it was always true to itself, true to everything it stood for and true to everything good in life.
The Walker family and that show is my definition of family. 
Needless to say, with the show being cancelled, I've lost all respect for ABC. There are somethings always worth fighting for and always worth hanging on to, too bad ABC didn't realize that, and now it's too late. I feel saddened by the loss. I feel like I've lost 12 great people in my life. People who meant the world to me. I always pictured myself growing old with this show. Watching the little kids grow up and have a life of their own, have Sally Fields retire while the show must go on(not that it would be the same without her) and watch Kevin and Scotty be the wonderful parents they could be. Watch Luc and Sarah raise Sarahs children into the most amazing individuals, leading a wonderful life, a life of example. 
Watch Saul and his boyfriend finally commit to each other, watch Kitty have another baby with her younger boyfriend, living happily together. Watch Rebecca and Holly Harper coming back with new stories to tell, watch Kevin finally live his life with Rebecca the way they were meant to. Watch Tom become the responsible adult he could be.
This show has brought tears of sadness and joy, heavy laughter and bottles and bottles of Wine into my life. I'm happy this happened. I'm happy I stayed up late, with my tray on my lap, eating and watching the one show that was my reality away from reality.
What's ironic is that Reality TV shows offer you real life experiences following famous people around for months, giving you a wide view into their lives and homes. But nothing was more real than this show itself. Brothers And Sisters. Every episode was real. Everything felt true and every Sunday felt like a week long of emotions portrayed in the show.
It's sad to see it go. It upsets me to know that my Sunday nights will never be the same again. So, I, Dhruv Aditya DavĂ©, raise a toast to the most eclectic family of people and everything that happened with them. Here's a toast to the most brilliant, terrific, phenomenal and true actors. Thank you. Thank you for bringing us into your lives, letting us live with you, in the moment and enjoy it as much as you did. Cry as much as you did. Laugh as much as you did and hate as much as you did. Your on-screen family has led a life of example of humanitarianism, taught me, amongst others, to be forgiving, accepting, loving, entertaining bunch of alcoholics. And for that I thank you. Thank you for the memories that can never be replaced. Thank you for all those Sunday night meals that I will forever cherish. Thank you for helping me learn life lessons. Thank you for everything you are. Thank you. 
I wish the cast the best for the future. Nothing short. Each and every cast member/actor is destined for even greater things in life, as hard as it is to top this one. I wish them the success they deserve. And you'll forever be known as Kevin, Sarah, Tommy, Kitty, Justin, Rebecca, Holly, Saul, Luc and Nora. I don't quite care what your real names are, because as far as I'm concerned, you'll always be who you played on the show.

It breaks my heart to say goodbye but it must be done. Goodbye everyone of you amazing people.
(I'm all teary eyed now). Thanks for the memories.

Love always,

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