Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Louboutin V/S Yves Saint Laurent. Pick your side!

The signature Louboutin red soles.

The infamous YSL shoes.

After Yves Saint Laurent got taken to court over copying the trade marked 'Red Sole' look from Christian Louboutin, YSL fought back stating 'Red outsoles are a commonly used ornamental design feature in footwear, dating as far back as the red shoes worn by King Louis XIV in the 1600s and the ruby red shoes that carried Dorothy home in The Wizard of Oz.' However, it is also very important to know that whenever YSL does a pair of Tribtoos' or Tributes, their soles always match the colour of the shoe, so why should they have made an exception for this one shoe, you know?
All this has me torn.
I love both labels.
Louboutin IS my personal idol and everything I want to be (and wear) and, while YSL's statements were a little bizarrely true , stating examples from Dorothy's shoes and King Lousis' shoes' Louboutin DID trade mark the red soles. And it would be wrong to see the signature red soles on any other labelled shoes. But then again, as Carmen Steffens of Brazil, a footwear label from Sao Paulo stated (also after being taken to court) that they found it 'surprising' that any brand would reserve the right to any colour. 

I think it's safe to say that this whole drama goes fairly deeper than just what it seems.
I understand where Louboutin comes from because that IS his signature look and thus any label should refrain from copying it, simply because it can be misleading in so many ways!
So by the end of it all, my heart and 'sole' (Geddit? the pun i just used? Oh I'm a genius, I am) does, and forever lie with Christian Louboutin and no one else. It's true. 

I just hope Louboutin finds a way out of this without seeming to be the evil one amongst the fashion insiders. His claims are only fair, I suppose. Regardless, as much as I do like YSL shoes and all, Louboutin always will hold a significant space in my heart because of the inspiration he's given me, the sheer beauty he's responsible for and making woman kind a happier kind of humans. It's true. Women are most happy when they're either given a huge diamond or a pair of Louboutins.
Soon, time will come when kneeling down on one knee, presenting a pair of Louboutins as a form of proposal to marriage is going to be a common thing and women are going to wear the shoes like their wedding rings- every day, every night. True story.
Louboutin has always made women look gorgeous. And always will. 

Therefore: I'm always and forever and undoubtedly on the Louboutin team. 
Currently the reason why I'm starving myself. Must.afford.these.shoes.

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