Monday, May 16, 2011

90210- Ivy's Big Fat Indian wedding.

I found it hilarious when. during the 'meet the parents' scene, Raj (Cliché much?) refers to his parents as MATA AND PITA. Who the hell calls their parents Mata Pita anymore, or ever did? Whadda joke.
Hah. And then she finally gets married with the mehendi and what not. Wearing a traditional red lehenga with dupatta and those bangles Indian brides wear. And as all things true to Ivy, she added boots to go with her wedding attire, therefore, showing, that there's practically nothing in this world she'll ever take seriously. Oh well.
The groom, Raj arrived in a full Baarat with Dixon, Navid, Teddy and the whole bunch dancing away to the band. HILARIOUS.
The wedding was organized by none other than Naomi, who wore her own westernised version of a sari. Peacock blue in colour with gold block printing on it. Well, she did look good. Because she added orange nail paint and lipstick which went with the general attire+blonde hair+white skin. So yeah, good job on that one. Silver wore a dress. Lame. Annie wore some maxi dress made out of Indian fabric. Which was probably all the Indian that dress obtained. The boys wore shirts and trousers so I was a little bit let down by that, but oh well.

I may or may not have taken some screen shots. :D
Check it out.
The Bride.

The Brides maids.

What they wore.

Ivy and her mom.

The Wedding Ceremony.

Tying the knot.

Lol. Bollywood dance moves. Fail.

Nicely done make up. Fail mehendi.



  1. LOL, so true about silvers fail dress and horrible dancing...I though she was having another bipolar fit.....and Adriana totally should have killed herself...but she didn't because its too horrifying for kids to see these days and they'll probably end up doing the same shit.

  2. I will definitely have to download this ep, gotta see Ivy in her sari!

    I also wanted to say: the background of you're website is freaking me out! What is that, a bee? :)

  3. @Anonymous- Name yourself. And yes, I was so sure Silver was going to go back to her bipolar self again
    @Niya- Hi! Yes. I know, it tends to freak people out, but I love it. :D And you have to see the wedding episode. It's pretty lame.

  4. i love ivy! i liked the boots. i never like annie's fashion choices. fail.

  5. I want this show baaaaack! :(