Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I would love to see Sonam Kapoor in next.

Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood style icon, someone who rushed in a new era of fashion along with her. Pradas and Guccis are things of the past. Say hi to Giuseppe Zanotti and Prabal Gurung. Bringing to light more contemporary brands is Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood actress known for her role in Dilli 6 and Aisha, she's been wooing her audience once fashionista moment at a time. Her extensive hand bag line ranging from Celine to Chloe to Balenciaga is perhaps never ending, and her shoe collection seem to be in the same predicament.  Her super talented stylist- Pernia Quireshi (Who's a friend of a friend of a friend- Yeah, I'm so well connected) is partially responsible for her immaculate looks at every red carpet look.

While Sonam and Pernia do a fantastic job by themselves and probably don't need a fashion blogger telling them what to do, I'm going to throw in my suggestions anyway, hoping for some sort of feedback.

Here is a picture of three options I did on Polyvore. Check it. :)

Here are three different outfit ideas for what I think Sonam Kapoor should wear to three different occasions.
One's a dress by friend, Prabal Gurung teamed with YSL shoes and a McQueen clutch. 
Second, a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress teamed with a Gucci sling bag to wear sideways, a Proenza Schouler orange bag and a nice simple YSL hold all kinda bag which could be teamed with a pair of nice cobalt blue Louboutins, Orange heels by Topshop and shoes by YSL again. This look has a potential to be rather SS11 representative. Non? 
The third is my favorite look for the summer. Blue Rag and Bone jeans, Proenza Schouler tan platforms with a Mulberry Alexa bag also in tan and a tan belt, which is of course, optional. :) This look is VERY SS11. 
So... yay or nay? Tell me.

Tomorrow is my job interview with Harrods, so I'm going to go tweet this, and pray to god I get the job and go to sleep. Good night folks. I hope your day went well today. 



  1. ur right! i totally see sonam kapoor in all those looks but i feel like the orange might hv becum too much. i love the selection of shoes and bags u have there! totally sonam kapoor! i wonder what she wud think. lol!
    nice blog btw! : )

  2. Haha, I hope she'd like them. Thanks Mooncow. :)