Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kanye West in Celine?

Kanye West spotted at the Coachella music festival wearing a Celine top from their Spring 2011 collection.
Okay firstly, I'd like to shake his hands and pat him on the back for having the balls enough to pull a stunt like that. Wearing womens clothes on stage in front of thousands of people in live audience and another million all over the world. And you know what? He actually looks good!
I'm glad that SOMEONE (male) is taking notice of the fashion industry the way he is. I mean, I think the men probably feel that going as far as Dolce is as fashion forward as one can get. 
But then you'll find Kanye in Givenchy leopard printed jacket that Brad Goreski also wore or the dog faced Tshirt that Liv Tyler also wore! Kanye has the balls to wear what he wants, wear it with style, not give two hoots about what the media has to say and who the world thinks wore the Celine top better, he just goes ahead and does it anyway.

I think he's fully redeemed himself from the whole Taylor Swift experience, although, in my books, he was technically right. Beyoncé DID in fact have one of the best videos of all time.

You go Kanye!

Picture courtesy: Fashion Awards.


  1. LOVE kanye (taylor swift is stupid anyway)! fashion seems to have taken a serious gender-bender kind of turn...which is super interesting! tons of collections (Chanel a/w 11, for example) have gone the 'borrowed from the boys' way. its nice to see a man (a controversial one that much more fun!) comfortable and fashion-forward enough to rock a shirt from a women's collection!

  2. Precisely my thought! Thank you! Even I would buy that shirt!