Friday, April 22, 2011

Decarnins successor to Balmain revealed.

After reports that Decarnin was suffering from depression and reportedly 'failed to show at the end of his fall show for Balmain at PFW' (not my words) he was relieved off his duties with the fashion label and now, to take over is reportedly Olivier Rousteing. The designer has worked for Balmain for three years and for Roberto Cavalli for six years. Personally, after much googling, not much information can be derived from the internet about this man but hey, if Balmain can trust him, so can I. 
What my question though, is. Was it right to kick Decarnin out when he was totally down and out? Depression must be treated as a serious problem and to throw someone to the curb at their lowest hour seems kind of inhumane, unless of course they are still willing to pay for his treatments. If reports are to be believed, I'd say Balmain made a silly move. Decarnin has done wonders for the label and uplifted it at its hour of need and I feel that Balmain should have done the same. Just saying.

Here's looking back at some of my favorite Balmain pieces under Decarnins reign. 

I haven't added the shoes because Zanotti did them, but some of the shoes are fab too.


  1. I agree with you..Balmain should have perhaps stuck by Decarnin. But then, like all businesses, fashion is (as much as we love it) a business and if you're not with it, you're out! Women get thrown out for being pregnant because companies don't have the patience for maternity leave! Having said this, Decarnin did wonders for Balmain and his successor has some seriously fierce boots to fill!