Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proenza Schoulder RTW Fall 11

I find it hard to ever hate anything that has been an outcome of designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez hands. The two VERY talented designers woo me every time I see their show (on, because I'm not a famous blogger, as you can tell by the 4 followers I have) I'm a huge fan of their PS1 bags too. And each variation of it there is. Especially the tribal print ones. Yummmmeh. 
So anyway, speaking of tribal print. According to When Jack and Lazaro went on a trip across America they were so inspired by the textile prints of the Native Americans that when they got back to their studios they got right to work, and perhaps instantly knew what their inspiration for the next collection was going to be.

Dear Jack and Lazaro,
I love you, both. Immensely. The amazing collection after collection you two showcase, is just pure genius. In a world full of talent and a fashion fraternity full of creativity, you two stand out amongst the leaders of it all. Keep this going on, let your creativity flow and spoil us with the pure visual treats you present, season after season. And as a boy, I really do wish to see some menswear soon! Also, collaborate with H&M already! Since I can't always afford the real deal, I get my designer stuff by way of collaborations with H&M. And there's a whole lot of pressure on us Styling kids to look our best, and with your stuff in my wardrobe, you know that's definitely possible. Not probable, but possible. For sure.

Love love LOVE Proenza Schouler, love everything about it, love the bags love the shoes, love your vision for the brand and love how you both instantly translate your love for things onto your clothes which in turn, makes other people appreciate it too.

Just another blogger. And a total Proenza junkie. 

Here's images from their collection I took from Loving everything. I couldn't pick a few favorite pieces so I got em all. :D

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