Monday, March 21, 2011

Picnic with the family.

Last December my cousin celebrated her (I want to say) 27th/(But I might be thinking) 28th. And it was a perfect winter day for us to go eat, play and lie down under the sun like we used to back when we used to.
It was a day filled with talking, eating, laughing, drinking and lying and also a little of some game where you jump on peoples feet? I don't know.

(Top)My cousin and I (Bottom) My sister and I with my baby Laica, the beautiful golden retriever. 

My sister and I 

My cousins Sukanya (Birthday girl) and Kabir in black and I

I'm wearing a T-shirt by H&M, Sweatshirt by Zara, Jeans by H&M, boots by All Saints and sunnies by Lanvin for H&M.


  1. what an adorable dogggg! i love golden retrievers.
    and nice sunglasses :D

  2. That dog is the reason I live. I love her.
    And those sunglasses, well, what do I say. A very very dear friend of mine gave them to me, and now I find myself loving the sunnies more than her. Oh well.