Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pedro Lourenço Fall 2011 RTW

I'm going to start this post by telling you that this boy is MY AGE. MY FLIPPING AGE. Either 20 or 21. 
Point being- holy mother in heaven! Who knew such fresh talent could produce just extra ordinary work? I mean, I'm all for promoting up and coming designers but Pedro's collection seem like they're made by someone who's been in the industry for at least 10 years (That's HALF of Pedros age, btw)
His collection saw a lot of blue, black and white, and an occasional silver and pops of colours like red and yellow here and there. Sheer and fur were also two commonly used textures and shoes with pointed metal fronts were definitely worth lusting over. All in all, great collection. Definitely my top 3 favorite collections of the season.

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  1. WOW! i love the old school (conservative hemlines) meets young hipster (off the shoulder on one side..just like that..very cool and nonchalant) thing thats going on!! totally droll worthy! also a lil bit of Celine meets

  2. I think it's more Prabal Gurung meets Celine actually.
    Anyway, the point in case here is that the boy is 21 years old.
    I feel horrible when I see myself doing NOTHING.

  3. yes definitely got a prabal gurung vibe..but the colors and lines reminded me of Mondrian. and dont worry m'love...we'll be cool one day..some dya...might take a while..but we'll get there. ;)

  4. With the help of your Russian Billionaire. Haha.