Friday, March 4, 2011

My top three Goa looks.

Day one. I arrived wearing a T-shirt by Esprit and thin white trousers by Karl Lagerfeld- rolled up to the ankles.

Day 3 I wore brown shorts I got from Sarojni Nagar market 5 years ago, a T-shirt from Guess and Vest designed by me. 

New Years Eve at Titos I wore a reversible vest designed by me, a tunic-y shirt from Zara and brown linen Palazzo pants from French Connection
(those two are very intoxicated friends of mine. Haha)


  1. hahaha, im honored to be on your blog :)) (minus the intoxicated comment, i believe i knew where the camera was at least)

  2. Hah shut it. This was my look sideways and show off jaw pose. See how it worked? Hahaha.