Friday, March 4, 2011

Gives you hell.

I selected a song to loosely base my styling around. This photo shoot required us to interpret a song of our choice, and style a shoot around it any which way we liked.
I picked gives you hell because I loved how spiteful that song is.
So, through my pictures, I tried to show:

Ex-girlfriend being run over by a truck.

Suffocated in Cling film 

Ex girlfriend walks over ex boyfriends picture showing no form of respect for him

Mood shot- Picture of ex boyfriend left on dirt to decompose.

Ex girlfriend tied to goal post to kick soccer balls at her.

Honest opinion and all. What do yaw'll think?


  1. the pictures need to be big. its about styling and styling means big pictures, okay?

  2. Why you're anonymous, I do not know Arupee, but CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE. Foolish.