Friday, March 4, 2011

Get up you wouldn't normally see at clubs otherwise!

A bunch of fun girls in my accommodation here in London seem to have a VERY active social life. (amongst clowns, I suppose? I don't know)
Anyway, I love the fact that they put in so much effort into what they wear. Especially this girl. Now, I don't remember her name and all but she seems to be having a good time. She's painted her face white and covered her body with that yellow jacket, a blue tulle thing and chains. I love how daring and fun it is. It looks like something out of Tim Burtons movies or something! Love it!


  1. libiii x)
    she always dress like that , well not always most of the time to trany clubs :)

    she's lovely


  2. She's got one of the most liveliest personalities I know! She came over to a friend room for pancakes on pancake day and it was generally really fun to have her around.

    Never a dull moment, I suppose!