Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dirty Barbie.

Today, I went to the Camden Horse Stable market for the first time. My cousin sister was in town and so we both went and checked the whole deal out, to see what it's really about.
I bumped into a friend of mine there just as my sister left for Yorkshire and my friend and I, along with her own sister and friends, went about the market to explore more and see everything the market has to offer. We went to this mad place called Cyber Dog.Which was amazeballs.
So basically, things you should definitely do in Camden.
-Eat food from different cuisines.
-Visit Cyber Dog and get yourself anything neon. Or a sex toy, you know, because that is, in fact, an option.
-Check out the little stalls selling fun things from Indian handicrafts to Erotic dolls.
-Eat the cinnamon doughnuts from the doughnut stands. (Amazing!)

Anyway, this post, is dedicated to this one stall that I found most amusing. You know, one would think Barbies are to play with, dress up and just live your fantasy life through, right?
Well, unless by fantasy life you mean sex fetish Barbies humping horses or castrating Ken or even tied up in a case wearing nothing but leather things that don't cover anything. You're in for a major ride.
Check out the pictures from my first Camden experience.

A part of the market.

A giant horse head, just stares you.

A barbie pleasuring herself, notice what's lying next to her? Haha.

Clearly, he likes his horsies.

Stuff Toy fetish? I don't know. :s

Ouch, well that had to hurt.


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