Monday, February 14, 2011

Dries Van Noten Fall 2011

I want:

The blazer!

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011

I want:

The jacket.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2011

I want:

The Trench Coat

The leather jacket!

The blue coat!

The yellow jacket!

Balenciaga Fall 2011

I want:

Entire look minus the shoes.

The jacket!!!

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2011.

I want:

Jeans and jacket.


Partially cropped blazer

Partially cropped blazer, blue.

Blazer, grey.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011.

I want.

The vest and the jacket

The jacket!!

The vest with the red diagonal line.

The red and black jacket teamed with the black jacket outside.

Band Of Outsiders Fall 2011

Wouldn't mind the entire look but that shirt is just amazeballs.

Rag And Bone Fall 2011

I want!

The jacket

The jacket

The jacket.

The blazer

The jacket.
The jacket.

Richard Chai fall 2011 Menswear.

What I want!

The trousers.

The vest!

The Jacket

The jacket.

The jacket

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Victoria Beckham A/W 2011.

This one was a major let down! She forgets to have fun with fashion and when that lacks, it ruins everything for me! :|
The colour palette was fairly subdued, maroon, dull gold etc with an occasional pop of blue, orange and yellow. Clean cuts and classic shapes with a little bit of drapery here and there.

The bags, mostly resembling that weird Doctor bag style thing, wasn't half bad, but then again, I can't see anyone really wearing it. However, some of the clutches looked nice!
Shoes provided Christian Louboutin and even those were a horror story for me, what a let down, especially when your idol begins to lose his magic too! :(

Oh well, here's the pictures, judge for yourself.

Pictures credit: The daily Telegraph online.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russian Doll?

In an assignment from uni. I was assigned to a group of 6 other people, all extremely talented at what they do- styling/photography. The concept given was to style a garment based on any heritage... with a twist.
Th objective of the assignment was to help us understand what exactly a stylists job is, from sorting out the clothes on the rail to making sure the garments drape properly and what not.
So we picked the Russian Doll theme. And since my flatmate is Russian and we all knew that it's all about the floral prints and what not- we all got bright colourful, floral things, whatever we could find. And I borrowed a scarf from my flat mate. Thats just about all the floral I got. :\
Anyway, so this is the final look we came up with, thanks to our teacher and some of her inputs. Honestly, I quite like it. And I know clogs aren't really Russian but it gave it that feeling anyway, so we stuck to it.

The model is a friend of a friend. Isn't she just gorgeous? And I'm loving the pictures! Yay I'm so proud of everyone who put in effort into making this look work. It's awesome!