Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Velvet.

It's funny how I never talk about the food part of my blog. Shame on me. (Or maybe it just shows my dedication to the fashion bit, I suppose, eh?)
Anyway, here in London. Sweet London. Everything is so perfect. (Except the Indian food, they just don't know how to do it rightm I'm afraid) I first discovered this one cupcake stand at Westfield mall which sold all different kinds of cupcakes for two pounds fifty. Which, if you convert into Indian rupees, is extremely expensive for just a tiny little cupcake. So I bought one, thinking it'd just be a one time thing. But as soon as I dug my teeth into the first red velvet cupcake, I instantly knew that it was the beginning of a twisted friendship of pure pleasure and brutal brokedom. Then, I moved to Lolas, at Topshop and Selfridges. While they were the same price, they were also slightly bigger... but not as awesome. Until a friend of mine, Talisa Oberoi, to be precise... introduced me to Hummingbirds. And it's true, it's true. I am in love. The red velvet cupcakes and cakes there are like nothing I've eaten before. They're soft, red like blood with a sweet cheese cream frosting on top. There should be rehab for Hummingbirds cupcake addicts! Seriously!
I now, go there at least twice a week and eat one there and pack 1/2 for back home to enjoy while watching a movie in bed. Ah, good times. And I don't share. No. I mean, I'll gladly take yours if you can't finish it, but if you want a bite, go get one yourself! (and then I can have the rest!)

Believe me when I say this, you're never going to have anything quite like this. I'm attempting to bake this tomorrow. So good luck to me. (Incase, you know, I burn the building down or set my flatmates on fire, or add too much os something and too little of something else. You know)

But until then, here's a visual treat of the red velvet cupcake. And to the wo/man who invented it- I salute you. 


  1. Dhruv, London has a HUGE indian population, and they DO know how to make indian food, you just haven't ever set a toe in the east end! have you even ever been to a proper indian restaurant here?

  2. Yes, yes I have. 3. None of which, were good.
    Except apparently the ones in South Hall.

    And honey, I know Indian food when I taste it! I'm Indian foolish!

  3. so is 7% of london. venture east and i bet youll find legit indian food

  4. You only get legit Indian food in India.
    And anyway, this post is about the wonder that is the Red Velvet cupcakes. Let's not stray. Let's take a moment and give thanks to Mrs Red Velvet who invented that shit.