Thursday, January 20, 2011

Designer Chocolates, anyone?

You know, it's bad enough I can't afford real Lanvin, then have to go ahead and take the second most precious thing to me too. Chocolate. Make it all fancy and designer type. Not cool.

I do like the packaging though. Does it look delicious or just something you'd like to preserve till you die?


  1. Just yesterday I was watching the Dalí adverts featuring Lanvin chocolate. I'd much prefer real Lanvin, although for now I'm sure the chocolate will do

  2. Haha. I still doubt I'd be able to afford the Lanvin chocolates. :(
    I mean, I have a hard time deciding what cupcakes to get at hummingbirds because they're all so good and all so expensive, and thus, can't have em all. :(