Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Planning New Years Eve.

My winter plans are set. Goa it is. My friends and I have decided to spend a New Years away from the hectic life of Delhi. Where we always end up doing the same thing- Party at some farm house. Not that they aren't fun (before the fights break in and the chairs are being thrown around) but still... Something new... Goa it is. That's our new year plan. :D Sun, sand and water. Sounds like a whole lotta awesome to me!
Staying right where the action is, thankfully. Therefore, no travel. Joy to the world. I was out buying presents for family back home and stepped into Office to check out what they had and I saw a line of Plimsolls in all colours in the basement of their shop in/next to Soho. Neon Yellow, Navy Blue, Red, Black, Camel, White and electric blue. And I picked up the electric blue ones for Goa. They're comfortable, easy to slip on to, simple, cheap and so beachy. :p
I LOVE my new plimsolls. My mother is going to KILL me. Ever since I got here, I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow. To which I do have a well rehearsed and fairly simple response: BUT IT'S LONDON MAA!
These plimsolls are by Flossy Shoes and available in Office or online here for you to buy. They retail at 20 pounds but because the people at Office love my face, they gave me a discount and I got it for 17 pounds. I kid, I used my student ID Card. :\
Anyway, very beachy, easy to wear, comfortable and everything. Recommend it. :)

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