Sunday, December 26, 2010

Maddonaman! And a Happy New Year!

I found this revolting picture of Madge. Her arms look like Wolverines and her hands look like some other kinda shit man. Gross. I mean, while it's remarkable that at age fifty you can be so 'strong' and well, flexible (If you know what I mean) but dude, seriously? Calm down on the Steroids... they make you look like something else altogether. That said...

I leave you and 2010 with this image of Madonna, inspiring you to achieve better than that when you're fifty. I leave for Goa tomorrow and therefore, shall not be able to blog. Sun, sand and surf beckons, and who am I to decline? I'm headed to where the action is, quite literally. Meeting two of my best friends there. It's just got awesome written all over it. I know I need to follow the basic rules of being safe, no drugs, no alcohol from random strangers and all... It sounds lame following these rules but you don't want to regret anything you do there, honestly. I mean, at least I don't. Fo sho. This is going to be a fun, safe New Year celebration with two of my closest friends! What more could one ask for?

So, I've got my electric blue Flossy Plimsols packed, three pairs of sunglasses (including the Lanvin for H&M ones that I LOVE right now)-Check... Clothes- check... Slip Flops- Check.... Myself- CHECK!

And while I only have one follower, Arushi, my friend... I know I get a lotta views. I know some of you out there even read my blog frequently... Heck, to those who even opened this blog once.... I thank you. I thank you for increasing my page hits, I thank you for giving me an ego boost. I thank you for reading my blog... I thank you, all.

Lots of love to all of you and I hope the coming new year would give you the strength to be who you are, do what you love, be with the ones you love, love yourself, and also learn how to be appreciative for the little things in your life. I know I am. I'm so happy for most (uhm) of the people I know, they're wonderful. And I want the coming year to be just as magical, if not more.

Also, to those who didn't believe in me, you guys can stick it. :)


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