Sunday, December 26, 2010

Maddonaman! And a Happy New Year!

I found this revolting picture of Madge. Her arms look like Wolverines and her hands look like some other kinda shit man. Gross. I mean, while it's remarkable that at age fifty you can be so 'strong' and well, flexible (If you know what I mean) but dude, seriously? Calm down on the Steroids... they make you look like something else altogether. That said...

I leave you and 2010 with this image of Madonna, inspiring you to achieve better than that when you're fifty. I leave for Goa tomorrow and therefore, shall not be able to blog. Sun, sand and surf beckons, and who am I to decline? I'm headed to where the action is, quite literally. Meeting two of my best friends there. It's just got awesome written all over it. I know I need to follow the basic rules of being safe, no drugs, no alcohol from random strangers and all... It sounds lame following these rules but you don't want to regret anything you do there, honestly. I mean, at least I don't. Fo sho. This is going to be a fun, safe New Year celebration with two of my closest friends! What more could one ask for?

So, I've got my electric blue Flossy Plimsols packed, three pairs of sunglasses (including the Lanvin for H&M ones that I LOVE right now)-Check... Clothes- check... Slip Flops- Check.... Myself- CHECK!

And while I only have one follower, Arushi, my friend... I know I get a lotta views. I know some of you out there even read my blog frequently... Heck, to those who even opened this blog once.... I thank you. I thank you for increasing my page hits, I thank you for giving me an ego boost. I thank you for reading my blog... I thank you, all.

Lots of love to all of you and I hope the coming new year would give you the strength to be who you are, do what you love, be with the ones you love, love yourself, and also learn how to be appreciative for the little things in your life. I know I am. I'm so happy for most (uhm) of the people I know, they're wonderful. And I want the coming year to be just as magical, if not more.

Also, to those who didn't believe in me, you guys can stick it. :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keeping it simple.

Here is a great ideas for some great evening wear... It's all about the colours and form, and playing it up differently. Weather to keep the outfit simple by minimal accessories or blinging it up with more. It all depends on the look you're going for and the person wearing it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Window to the world of Lanvin.

I was on Facebook today and going through all the pages I like, and Lanvin is one of them. I began to go through one of their albums which was all about their window displays. I love the entire concept. Making a canvas frame the main prop and working around it in all the different ways. I also love how all the mannequins are poised so elegantly in every frame with the make up and everything done so impeccably. Beautifoooooooool eet ees. :)

Pictures courtesy: Lanvin Facebook page.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Not quite Kitschy.

Kitsch, one of my favorite stores in town. Hosts a select group of designers from across the world, introducing them to the Indian market. Already existing brands like Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Moschino, amongst others. Kitsch, owned by the powerful duo Charu and Priya Sachdev (they're sisters btw) held a special preview of a few of its labels and also an introductory fashion show of Herve Leger, Elise Overland and Alice + Olivia. While I'm ecstatic that brands like Herve Leger and Alice + Olivia are now finally available to the Indian market, perhaps changing the way the social frat dresses, I'm still rather bummed about last nights preview.

The show started with up beat music, and models strutting down the stage that was the runway, wearing Stella McCartneys SS11 collection, then moving on to Alice and Olivia and further on to Herve Leger and Elise Overland. What I loved most about the show was the music which was perfectly in sync with the beautifully choreographed walk that the models displayed... But what was more impressive was the simple pony and non dramatic make up. Which really helped give the garments the importance and sophistication they deserve. Everything was going well, The McQueen show started as scheduled and male models began to appear, they walked down the stage as the women followed closely. All was beautiful and there was a sweet taste in my mouth, feeling content, I expected every coming minute of the show to be as beautiful as the minutes gone by... Only to realize, I'm back in India now, and no fashion show is ay fashion show with an actor/actress walk down the ramp as the finalé. Lame. Seriously. Move past the Bollywood fascination people. And anyway, getting Bobby Deol to walk down the ramp is NOT paying tribute to the late McQueen. He does not and would not care.
The whole Bobby Deol incident left a bitter taste in my mouth and I was convinced that perhaps, the fashion frat of the country is yet to develop to something more extra ordinary and sophisticated.
The after party involved meeting some fun people and talking about stuff in general. And of course, the alcohol. Hah, good times.

I went with my friends Arushi- a stylist, Kaveri- A fashion journalist in the making and well, me. We all got our sexy on (hah, sexy on.) and did our thing and headed back home just in time to call it a night.

Oh, what did I think of the Sachdev sisters you ask? Yes, you!
Well, I've mentioned before how big a fan I am of the two sisters. For all that they have done. And bringing labels like Leger and Alice + Olivia to India, was just pure genius. However, they might want to dress it up a notch. While Priya stuck to a miniscule body hugging black bondagy dress with (patent leather?) POINTY boots (Yeesh) and a head band, Charu was the better dressed of the two with a long woolen dress with pleates and poofed shoulders and a red patent leather clutch. Again, not working. I wish they'd hire a stylist. With such versatile looks such as theirs, they could pull of so many different kind of looks. Yet they choose the pointy patent leather boots. Sigh*

Well, this is a message to you, I knoooow you guys have access to so many clothes and what not. But perhaps hiring a stylist COULD do you some good, no? Why don't you give that a shot? Once? HIRE ME. Hah. A stylist in the making, myself... I would love to present them with a few options! Anyway... Here's hoping they do better next time!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Drooling isn't pretty to Fashionmeal, with love.

My dear dear friend Emma, gave me an early Christmas present this year. She bought be a pair of sunglasses from Lanvin for H&M. I LOVE them! I remember eyeing them at the sale time but every piece was sold out except... one. Which she bought. And then gave to me.
So thoughtful of her! I love the present and it's going to be PERFECT for Goa! Something to wear on the beach and what not. So excited! :D
Thank you Emma, for this lovely present.
Now... I need a way to top this one. I have to get her something exquisite from India, something she'll absolutely love.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Planning New Years Eve.

My winter plans are set. Goa it is. My friends and I have decided to spend a New Years away from the hectic life of Delhi. Where we always end up doing the same thing- Party at some farm house. Not that they aren't fun (before the fights break in and the chairs are being thrown around) but still... Something new... Goa it is. That's our new year plan. :D Sun, sand and water. Sounds like a whole lotta awesome to me!
Staying right where the action is, thankfully. Therefore, no travel. Joy to the world. I was out buying presents for family back home and stepped into Office to check out what they had and I saw a line of Plimsolls in all colours in the basement of their shop in/next to Soho. Neon Yellow, Navy Blue, Red, Black, Camel, White and electric blue. And I picked up the electric blue ones for Goa. They're comfortable, easy to slip on to, simple, cheap and so beachy. :p
I LOVE my new plimsolls. My mother is going to KILL me. Ever since I got here, I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow. To which I do have a well rehearsed and fairly simple response: BUT IT'S LONDON MAA!
These plimsolls are by Flossy Shoes and available in Office or online here for you to buy. They retail at 20 pounds but because the people at Office love my face, they gave me a discount and I got it for 17 pounds. I kid, I used my student ID Card. :\
Anyway, very beachy, easy to wear, comfortable and everything. Recommend it. :)