Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I bought.

I'm such a sucker for packaging. Seriously, if a product is packaged well, that's got me half convinced to buy it.
The Lanvin for H&M sale was just shy of being bizarre. People had lined up from the NIGHT before. Of course, that was expected but THIS IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER PEOPLE. NOVEMBER IN LONDON! And incase you didn't happen to notice but it's FREEZING outside. Heck, it's freezing INSIDE!
Right, back to what the post is supposed to be dedicated to:

I bought the shoes! I bought the shoes! :D
SUCH a happy person right now. Hah. I tried on 5 different things and I wanted everything! :'( But being a student and all, it has it's own rules (Never spend beyond your means- personally, if Lanvin for H&M isn't within my means, then I shudder to think what really is, but then again, to be fair, it was fairly over prices too, if you convert into Indian Rupees) ANYWAY, moving on. Remember how I thought I'd buy those blue shoes? Well as awesome as they were, I was kinda feeling the bronze ones instead. So after many a coin flips my friend Emma ofDroolingisntpretty and I decided to go with the bronze ones instead. And I LOVE them. They're just perfect. (Minus the scratch I got on them on day one itself, lame)
Here's a few pictures I thought I'd share.

They gave a shoe bag and all! Sweet. SUCH a sucker for packaging. I'm so glad they looked into everything to make this collection look as exclusive as the actual Lanvin. Love it!

Loving that carry bag. It's so big and simple and awesome like that!

The shoes! :D Aren't they just the awesomest things you've seen?

A scarf for a friend. ;

The window displays

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