Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shooting Monica

I had a photo shoot due today (thursday, 25th November 2010 and knowing me, I will definitely leave everything to the last minute.
However, I'd been planning this shoot very well in advance. But anyone who knows me that things I plan in advance never work out. EVER. I'm spontaneous and do things as and when I feel like. True story. Now, I can't say that it always works for me, because it doesn't. But I do get lucky sometimes. ;)
Anyway, this photo shoot is something like that. Did it fairly late in time but still on time. My professors didn't quite show anything on their face when they saw this so I can't figure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. My model is Monica, a friend from where I live, the The camel coloured felt coat and dress underneath are my friend Kirsties, who also, lives where I do. Anyway, then there's the brown leather jacket, the lace dress and the denim shorts which are Monicas. So I sourced from only two people with some wonderful clothes in their wardrobes.
Anyway, I was going with a more Autumn based theme in mind so that kind of explains the colours. The locations were at a backyard of my student accommodation and the laundry room. I love the pictures I've shot and Monica makes a prettay good model, really.
Check out the photos here:

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