Friday, November 12, 2010

Love the way you lie part 2.

Rihanna and Eminem released a second version of their song Love the way you lie. This is a fairly mellowed down version of the previous one with Rihanna doing most of the singing. I can't wait to see what the video's going to be like, would they get rid of Megan Fox? I hope not. She's beautiful and fit the part absolutely right, as for the boy- Dominic (?) Erm, not entirely sure.

In my opinion, Eminem is one of the best lyricist of ALL times. Initially, I wasn't too fond of his work and I was all like- 'pfft, white man who raps, wtf right?' but as time progressed I understood his lyrics always conveyed more than just him standing and flapping his arms around and thumping his chest whilst wearing a vest and supremely baggy jeans. There was always more to him and his music. He writes what he does, from his heart and personal experiences, and now, to me, it is fairly visible. While I can't empathise with the rapper, I can however understand the fact that his songs normally have stories of his life portrayed through them.


As for Rihanna, I have a feeling she turned all emo after her boyfriend left her bruised up in the car. Again, while I can't find myself empathising with what she endured, I feel that the media gave her attention in a way even she didn't see coming, and now, using her reputation of being 'a survivor' she wrote and sang songs related to her own life experiences. You've got to love these artists. The talent they both have, and the songs they both have produced. It does quite truly fascinate me how, in this world, where you have millions of songs, tunes, etc... One can never seem to yet, run out of songs or more rhythms/tunes/etc. to produce. I mean, do you get what I mean? Is there or could there possibly be an end to music without it being repeated over and over again with just different lyrics?

It's just a thought, I doubt it'd ever happen, but I've always been curious.

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