Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love Form

Love form is this brilliant new design house specializing in things one would need around their homes. From clocks to cups, you're sure to find something you like. This label stands out to me because of it's simplicity. And the statement it makes with that. Founded by sisters Vasundhara and Arushi Parakh of Delhi in September of 2010, this label is now selling through some of Indias most sought after retailers such as Tarini from Delhi- based in GK-1 N Block and Gurgaon Galleria, Attic and Loose Ends in Bandra which is in Bombay and Sobo- Chowpati which is also, as a matter of fact, in Bombay. With such a young history they're already ahead of their game just by the sheer number of stores that stock their products.Now, very well, very well, nuff about the stuff and more about the ladies you say? Well, alright...Vasundhara Parakh (the elder of the two) holds a masters degree in Product Design from Domus Academy, Italy. Before which she was in Indias prestigious NIFT, New Delhi. With a knack for exploring different materials and following a simple design language with a mass appeal there's no wonder this brand picked up so fast. Although, having worked with Paolo Rizzato, Joseph Forakis and Magpie could also partly be the reason, no?
The younger sister of the two- Arushi chose to go a different route but showed equal dedication to evolution of this brand from just a concept to what it is now. Studying in Delhis Pearl Academy Of Fashion doing Fashion Styling she's also quite professional having worked under NDTVS's 'I'm to sexy for my shoes' and reviewing fashion week and traveling across the country for shoots assisting stylists like Gautam Kalra on sets for advertisements or editorial spreads for magazines. She's even worked for Marie Claire. As well as a lot of work with National Geographic Channel (she styled the animals, in stuff straight off the runways from Milan, Paris, New York and London, even Tokyo!.....Nah, just kidding.... Or am I?)
So you know, if you're ever in either one of the above mentioned shops and looking for a lamp for your room, or cutlery to eat your food with, or just a clock to check the time on... You know not to look further than Loveform.If you guys have any doubts of any sort or just want to get in touch with the designers themselves,Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loveform/118026744923170?v=wall or,go check out their website: www.loveform.in

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