Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The last Episode Of Gossip Girl.

About the most recent episode of Gossip Girl. The one with all the drama and all.
As much as it makes for some GREAT TV. It made NO sense what so ever.
So Juliette is a poor girl who still manages to make herself look like a billionaire, even after Conan stop supplying her with the money. But not ONLY that- she also had just enough money on her credit card to buy herself a Carolina Harrera gown just LIKE Serenas. Of course, because one would rather go broke trying to bring down their enemy than feed themselves. But then again, these girls don't even look like they eat more than a cheese cube a day. Then this girl in her early 20's (tops?) also texts the dean of Serenas college from Serenas phone to tell her she withdrew from college. This is of course, after she sedated Serena with that chemical thing. Of course, because if you want revenge, that's what you do, especially if you want to handle it like a lady.

Personally, while the show had me so glued to every second of it.... I found this episode to be fairly MORE extravagant and exaggerated than all the others. Non?

Did I also mention that girls from school and college dress in Chanel skirts and blazers on a daily basis and the boys wear tuxedos to bed? I get that 'fashion' is an integral part of the series, but in my opinion there's no harm in a fairly more realistic approach to the series. To the fashion.

That said, only Serena Van der Woodsen can carry off ANY look with such grace. Like the otherwise tricky-to-carry-off lace gown by Zuhair Murad that she wore a few episodes back. Or the sequined Vivienne Westwood skirt with the tan belt and denim shirt she wore to the red carpet. Tricky tricky tricky. But Blake Lively, somehow, ALWAYS seems to just look beyond amazing.
Love her style in the show and otherwise.

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