Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop.

So my friend Emma and I were at Topshop like many others to get a glimpse of the supermodel Kate Moss. There was a HUGE rush to get into the 'Kate Moss for Topshop section and guards were patrolling around to make sure no one would cross over those divider rope thingies. Just before Kate Moss arrived, her parents were escorted into the area and soon to follow was the legendary Hilary Alexander. (I follow her on Twitter and love reading her updates on fashion and her take on everything!)
Before I could get a picture, she walked right past me. I was so severely star struck. Next to arrive was the (wo)man of the hour- Kate Moss. Beautiful as she is, she put on layers and layers of make up and presumably dressed in her clothes from her own line, she looked stunning, as always. It was absolutely amazing to see this icon live. Someone I always just saw on FTV or TMZ, she was more gorgeous than I'd have imagined her to be in real life. (You know how some people just only look good on camera, and when you see them you're like- damn, she's fuggles)
Here's some pictures of the mayhem at Topshop today. It was such a wonderful experience seeing these two ladies who are such icons in the fashion Industry, these ladies have, in a way, helped the industry evolve in a their own unique way. Whether it was writing about it or being the face of it. Both being substantially crucial jobs, these ladies have done it every day of their lives, with ease and panache.

No pictures of Hilary Alexander but she was there, she was.

Her Lingerie line which I didn't think much of, sorry. :(

Kate Moss herself.

The crowd was craaazzzyyyy.

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