Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jil Sander.

Raf Simons, designer for Jil Sander now, is ay friggin legend. Yes he is. I've walked all over Bond Street, going into boutiques we never had back home- Vivienne Westwood (I KNOOOWWW, right?) Prada, Mulberry, Miu Miu, amongst others. And as soon as you get on to Bond Street is Jil Sander, the shop, following the minimalist route, white walls, clean cut furniture and nothing 'la-di-da' or opulent. Everything, clear cut, minimal and no frills...and white. LOVE IT. I'd heard of Jil Sander but I never really bothered looking up on it much more than googling it a couple of times. When I finally got to London, I knew I was going to hit Bond Street the second I got the chance, and albeit I've been there a couple of million times, I haven't had the courage to step into the store just yet. It took me just about everything I had to go into McQueen whilst others with their personal stylists telling the salesmen to put the fifty five garments they selected onto their tab, there I was, taking in everything I could. Blown away by the sheer extravagance. I'm going to admit, one of the sales man at the store was a bit of a douche bag but the awesomeness of the clothes, scarves (which btw, I am saving up for.) shoes and clutches just over shadowed by the salesman who obviously thought he was no lesser than the late McQueen himself. (I hear the Louboutin stores have the same attitude, wtf is up with that anyway?)
Anyway, back to Jil Sander. It's Spring Summer 2011 collection for men is lust worthy. Not for the faint hearted, but for the fashion lover in its true sense. The bright colours spoke to me, spoke to me like no ones ever spoken to me before. They excited me like no ones ever excited me before (clearly I don't get any, since clothes are what excite me now). The colour blocking, a technique I've always thought was risque business for many to attempt, Jil Sander has proven to me that I was wrong, and hey I don't mind, I don't mind. The ease with which they presented their garments as models walked up and down the runway. But, that said, what really stole my heart was the various ways in which Cobalt/Electric blue was used, gardigans, T-shirts, Trench coats, Blazers, Pants, EVERYTHING! I had a little moment and I must admit, those pieces would look mighty fine in my closet. Nah? I wasn't a fan of the hot pants on the men, THAT TREND IS JUST.NOT.COOL. Sorry. But it really, seriously just isn't. Moving past that, the pink, the burnt yellow! Loved the burnt yellow! Everything was well designed, with crisp clear cuts, nothing extravagant, nothing to over the top, just crisp, clear cut clothes. 'minimal' in more ways than one, you could say.

Here are my picks from the collection. Obsessing. It's just that everything IS SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE. Sheesh. And then you hear that all these designers go on sale and you go all YAY! and only to realize that the blazer you wanted is still for a thousand pounds and more, because it's been marked down from three thousand pounds? I bet this sale seasons like a FLEE MARKET for the likes of Victoria Beckham. Sigh*

Here's my key pieces from the show:

Love the colour combination here!

LOVING the burnt yellow against the blue. Individually too, amazing!

The pants, the t shirt, the blazer inside, love them all.

Love the t shirt!

The trench is a classic piece, fits well, subtle colour and very very sharp.

The hint of the floral print inside is a brilliant touch,

Loving the shirt. Also, notice the sole of the shoe of the model walking back! Love it!

LOVING this entire look. This is my favorite colour right now and I would so totally wear this entire get up as is. AH, amazing!

Love the red version of the classic trench.

The t-shirt is a good change from all the colour blocking one's been seeing in the collection.

The blazer only. Love the blazer with the belt.

The sleeves are interesting, and so is the t shirt the man is wearing. Love the stripes.

Nuff' said.

Mmmm, that cardigan.

The drapy vest inside looks like an interesting piece from what I can tell.

The blazer inside would be AWESOME if it were sleeveless or with oversized sleeves folded up.

The cardigan says it all.

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