Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hervé Leger.

The bandage dress is an iconic concept. You'd have Herve Leger to thank for it. But when Max Azria took over he transformed the brand into what it is today. When I first got familiar with the concept Herv Leger follows. I took to it instantly. With a wide range of Celebrity fan following, Max Azria turned out one beautiful piece after the other and I began to think- Hhhmmm... by limiting themselves to this concept, wouldn't they soon be running out of ideas? And then came the dress Miley Cyrus wore last year (?) to the Grammys. And I LOVED it and re assured myself that this wasn't a possibility. Of course, I was wrong. I find myself not being quite as excited to see an Herve Leger dress as I used to, before. Maybe Azria is finally coming to that point in his life where he just.doesn' Here's their most recent Spring collection. The gowns were bad, the models were excruciatingly anorexic (which I would presume, would be an Irony seeing as how the dresses are meant to accentuate those curves and highlight the assets that women are meant to have) and the colour palette seemed to bore me. Here's a look, decide for yourself.


  1. The Rank Herve Leger Dress fashion shows are often populated with celebrities and famous actresses dressed in Herve Leger bandage dresses.Famous fans, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Kate Bosworth.

  2. I understand that, but I'd hate to see most of these on the red carpet at any given event. There were, perhaps just a couple of dresses I liked and would honestly love to see a celebrity sporting, the rest could be locked up deep in some closet for all I care.

  3. I HATE THIS COLLECTION. Omg. what was Max Azria thinking? I think what we need is a re invention of the brand.