Saturday, November 27, 2010

Easy A.

I just watched this movie called Easy A. Starring Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. And I loved it so much that I figured a post on it was but necessary. The movie revolved around the life of a teen girl who's gone unnoticed her entire life in school. Until one of hr gay friends convinces her into lying about having sex with him just so everyone would stop bullying him about being gay. Eventually, word spread and all the downright losers in school started to approach her and give her like, gift coupons to allow them to spread a lie about them having scored with her. She eventually becomes the school slut and the centre of everyones hatred (including the christian community of the school, the leader of which is played by Amanda Bynes). The movie then journeys through life as an abominable slut, and how she deals with it.... And just when things get really sticky, how she orchestrates an elaborate plan of coming clean (about still being a virgin and what not) to the entire school via a video log. I thought the movie was funny, the characters were well chosen, although Amanda Bynes still proved herself to be a prettay darn horrible actor. Penn Badgley is the one boy through out the entire movie who genuinely likes Olive (Emma) for who she really is. Lisa Kudrow is the school counsellor who sleeps with a student who gets Chlamydia who then blames it on the school whore- Olive.
It's a really funny, twisted take on the 'high school comedy' genre of Hollywood. I loved it. Emma Stone did a phenomenal job at being witty and fit the part well, while Penn Badgley was well, myeah.
I'd recommend it to anyone to watch it. I loved the movie and thought it was wonderfully done with just the correct amount of humor and seriousness that revolves around such a touchy topic.
The poster for the movie is here below, check it out!:


  1. i luv this movie! :D

  2. i LOVE Emma stone. I feel like if I was given the choice I'd just BE her. and then hang with Mila Kunis :D. Dan Humphrey needs a stylist. If I see him wear another grey sweater(without a shirt inside wtf??!) i shall die. I'm sorry I'm hyperventilating on your blog. I have exams and I need to see pretty things. omg i just spotted a gossip girl post link!

  3. All's forgiven. Exams can cause people to well, not be themselves.
    I loved Emma when she had the brown hair like in the movie. The blonde is just okay, really.
    Mila is chiller. Love her in Family guy. Black Swan Shlack Shwan, pfft. Whatever.
    Dan, well, shall forever remain Dan. Don't like his character in Gossip Girl, don't like it in this movie.
    And go have fun. Let loose on the blog. Enjoy reading. It's what this blog's for! :)