Saturday, November 27, 2010

Easy A.

I just watched this movie called Easy A. Starring Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. And I loved it so much that I figured a post on it was but necessary. The movie revolved around the life of a teen girl who's gone unnoticed her entire life in school. Until one of hr gay friends convinces her into lying about having sex with him just so everyone would stop bullying him about being gay. Eventually, word spread and all the downright losers in school started to approach her and give her like, gift coupons to allow them to spread a lie about them having scored with her. She eventually becomes the school slut and the centre of everyones hatred (including the christian community of the school, the leader of which is played by Amanda Bynes). The movie then journeys through life as an abominable slut, and how she deals with it.... And just when things get really sticky, how she orchestrates an elaborate plan of coming clean (about still being a virgin and what not) to the entire school via a video log. I thought the movie was funny, the characters were well chosen, although Amanda Bynes still proved herself to be a prettay darn horrible actor. Penn Badgley is the one boy through out the entire movie who genuinely likes Olive (Emma) for who she really is. Lisa Kudrow is the school counsellor who sleeps with a student who gets Chlamydia who then blames it on the school whore- Olive.
It's a really funny, twisted take on the 'high school comedy' genre of Hollywood. I loved it. Emma Stone did a phenomenal job at being witty and fit the part well, while Penn Badgley was well, myeah.
I'd recommend it to anyone to watch it. I loved the movie and thought it was wonderfully done with just the correct amount of humor and seriousness that revolves around such a touchy topic.
The poster for the movie is here below, check it out!:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shooting Monica

I had a photo shoot due today (thursday, 25th November 2010 and knowing me, I will definitely leave everything to the last minute.
However, I'd been planning this shoot very well in advance. But anyone who knows me that things I plan in advance never work out. EVER. I'm spontaneous and do things as and when I feel like. True story. Now, I can't say that it always works for me, because it doesn't. But I do get lucky sometimes. ;)
Anyway, this photo shoot is something like that. Did it fairly late in time but still on time. My professors didn't quite show anything on their face when they saw this so I can't figure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. My model is Monica, a friend from where I live, the The camel coloured felt coat and dress underneath are my friend Kirsties, who also, lives where I do. Anyway, then there's the brown leather jacket, the lace dress and the denim shorts which are Monicas. So I sourced from only two people with some wonderful clothes in their wardrobes.
Anyway, I was going with a more Autumn based theme in mind so that kind of explains the colours. The locations were at a backyard of my student accommodation and the laundry room. I love the pictures I've shot and Monica makes a prettay good model, really.
Check out the photos here:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I bought.

I'm such a sucker for packaging. Seriously, if a product is packaged well, that's got me half convinced to buy it.
The Lanvin for H&M sale was just shy of being bizarre. People had lined up from the NIGHT before. Of course, that was expected but THIS IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER PEOPLE. NOVEMBER IN LONDON! And incase you didn't happen to notice but it's FREEZING outside. Heck, it's freezing INSIDE!
Right, back to what the post is supposed to be dedicated to:

I bought the shoes! I bought the shoes! :D
SUCH a happy person right now. Hah. I tried on 5 different things and I wanted everything! :'( But being a student and all, it has it's own rules (Never spend beyond your means- personally, if Lanvin for H&M isn't within my means, then I shudder to think what really is, but then again, to be fair, it was fairly over prices too, if you convert into Indian Rupees) ANYWAY, moving on. Remember how I thought I'd buy those blue shoes? Well as awesome as they were, I was kinda feeling the bronze ones instead. So after many a coin flips my friend Emma ofDroolingisntpretty and I decided to go with the bronze ones instead. And I LOVE them. They're just perfect. (Minus the scratch I got on them on day one itself, lame)
Here's a few pictures I thought I'd share.

They gave a shoe bag and all! Sweet. SUCH a sucker for packaging. I'm so glad they looked into everything to make this collection look as exclusive as the actual Lanvin. Love it!

Loving that carry bag. It's so big and simple and awesome like that!

The shoes! :D Aren't they just the awesomest things you've seen?

A scarf for a friend. ;

The window displays

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today's the big day.

My friend makes fun of me because she thinks that the world won't end if I don't buy that one piece. She doesn't have nice clothes, so what does she know, right? Hah.
Anyway, so todays the big day. The Lanvin for H&M sale starts TODAY. Let's hope I make it in time for me to get what I want.
If that doesn't happen- I'll be veeerrryyy disappointed. :\

I have my eyes on a blazer and a pair of shoes. Now, I'm a student on a budget, therefore buying both the items is fairly out of the question. SO, I might actually just buy either one of them. Look below to see what I'm eyeing right now!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The last Episode Of Gossip Girl.

About the most recent episode of Gossip Girl. The one with all the drama and all.
As much as it makes for some GREAT TV. It made NO sense what so ever.
So Juliette is a poor girl who still manages to make herself look like a billionaire, even after Conan stop supplying her with the money. But not ONLY that- she also had just enough money on her credit card to buy herself a Carolina Harrera gown just LIKE Serenas. Of course, because one would rather go broke trying to bring down their enemy than feed themselves. But then again, these girls don't even look like they eat more than a cheese cube a day. Then this girl in her early 20's (tops?) also texts the dean of Serenas college from Serenas phone to tell her she withdrew from college. This is of course, after she sedated Serena with that chemical thing. Of course, because if you want revenge, that's what you do, especially if you want to handle it like a lady.

Personally, while the show had me so glued to every second of it.... I found this episode to be fairly MORE extravagant and exaggerated than all the others. Non?

Did I also mention that girls from school and college dress in Chanel skirts and blazers on a daily basis and the boys wear tuxedos to bed? I get that 'fashion' is an integral part of the series, but in my opinion there's no harm in a fairly more realistic approach to the series. To the fashion.

That said, only Serena Van der Woodsen can carry off ANY look with such grace. Like the otherwise tricky-to-carry-off lace gown by Zuhair Murad that she wore a few episodes back. Or the sequined Vivienne Westwood skirt with the tan belt and denim shirt she wore to the red carpet. Tricky tricky tricky. But Blake Lively, somehow, ALWAYS seems to just look beyond amazing.
Love her style in the show and otherwise.

Love Form

Love form is this brilliant new design house specializing in things one would need around their homes. From clocks to cups, you're sure to find something you like. This label stands out to me because of it's simplicity. And the statement it makes with that. Founded by sisters Vasundhara and Arushi Parakh of Delhi in September of 2010, this label is now selling through some of Indias most sought after retailers such as Tarini from Delhi- based in GK-1 N Block and Gurgaon Galleria, Attic and Loose Ends in Bandra which is in Bombay and Sobo- Chowpati which is also, as a matter of fact, in Bombay. With such a young history they're already ahead of their game just by the sheer number of stores that stock their products.Now, very well, very well, nuff about the stuff and more about the ladies you say? Well, alright...Vasundhara Parakh (the elder of the two) holds a masters degree in Product Design from Domus Academy, Italy. Before which she was in Indias prestigious NIFT, New Delhi. With a knack for exploring different materials and following a simple design language with a mass appeal there's no wonder this brand picked up so fast. Although, having worked with Paolo Rizzato, Joseph Forakis and Magpie could also partly be the reason, no?
The younger sister of the two- Arushi chose to go a different route but showed equal dedication to evolution of this brand from just a concept to what it is now. Studying in Delhis Pearl Academy Of Fashion doing Fashion Styling she's also quite professional having worked under NDTVS's 'I'm to sexy for my shoes' and reviewing fashion week and traveling across the country for shoots assisting stylists like Gautam Kalra on sets for advertisements or editorial spreads for magazines. She's even worked for Marie Claire. As well as a lot of work with National Geographic Channel (she styled the animals, in stuff straight off the runways from Milan, Paris, New York and London, even Tokyo!.....Nah, just kidding.... Or am I?)
So you know, if you're ever in either one of the above mentioned shops and looking for a lamp for your room, or cutlery to eat your food with, or just a clock to check the time on... You know not to look further than Loveform.If you guys have any doubts of any sort or just want to get in touch with the designers themselves,Like them on Facebook: or,go check out their website:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Love the way you lie part 2.

Rihanna and Eminem released a second version of their song Love the way you lie. This is a fairly mellowed down version of the previous one with Rihanna doing most of the singing. I can't wait to see what the video's going to be like, would they get rid of Megan Fox? I hope not. She's beautiful and fit the part absolutely right, as for the boy- Dominic (?) Erm, not entirely sure.

In my opinion, Eminem is one of the best lyricist of ALL times. Initially, I wasn't too fond of his work and I was all like- 'pfft, white man who raps, wtf right?' but as time progressed I understood his lyrics always conveyed more than just him standing and flapping his arms around and thumping his chest whilst wearing a vest and supremely baggy jeans. There was always more to him and his music. He writes what he does, from his heart and personal experiences, and now, to me, it is fairly visible. While I can't empathise with the rapper, I can however understand the fact that his songs normally have stories of his life portrayed through them.


As for Rihanna, I have a feeling she turned all emo after her boyfriend left her bruised up in the car. Again, while I can't find myself empathising with what she endured, I feel that the media gave her attention in a way even she didn't see coming, and now, using her reputation of being 'a survivor' she wrote and sang songs related to her own life experiences. You've got to love these artists. The talent they both have, and the songs they both have produced. It does quite truly fascinate me how, in this world, where you have millions of songs, tunes, etc... One can never seem to yet, run out of songs or more rhythms/tunes/etc. to produce. I mean, do you get what I mean? Is there or could there possibly be an end to music without it being repeated over and over again with just different lyrics?

It's just a thought, I doubt it'd ever happen, but I've always been curious.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hervé Leger.

The bandage dress is an iconic concept. You'd have Herve Leger to thank for it. But when Max Azria took over he transformed the brand into what it is today. When I first got familiar with the concept Herv Leger follows. I took to it instantly. With a wide range of Celebrity fan following, Max Azria turned out one beautiful piece after the other and I began to think- Hhhmmm... by limiting themselves to this concept, wouldn't they soon be running out of ideas? And then came the dress Miley Cyrus wore last year (?) to the Grammys. And I LOVED it and re assured myself that this wasn't a possibility. Of course, I was wrong. I find myself not being quite as excited to see an Herve Leger dress as I used to, before. Maybe Azria is finally coming to that point in his life where he just.doesn' Here's their most recent Spring collection. The gowns were bad, the models were excruciatingly anorexic (which I would presume, would be an Irony seeing as how the dresses are meant to accentuate those curves and highlight the assets that women are meant to have) and the colour palette seemed to bore me. Here's a look, decide for yourself.