Friday, October 15, 2010

Shrivan Narresh.

The variety of fabrics, textiles, clothes and handicrafts have drawn many people to our country. Take international super brand like Prada with its limited addition Chikan Kaari clothes and jute slip ons and hand bas. Homeward bound, of course. this country is NOTHING short of talent. Putting forth, to the world, all that we have to offer. From Ritu Kumar to Tarun Tahiliani, almost every designer has collaborated their Indian heritage into their designs, for many years, and many more to come. BUT THAT'S BORING NOW. Pfft.
Check this out, Shrivan Narresh. The insanely talented designer duo who steer clear from the cliché. Oh but don't get me wrong- I mean, expect Saris too- except these ones, are made of Lycra and bejeweled shoulder pads. Indias first luxury swim suit brand ever (ever) and perhaps what you can call 'pioneers' of it all. I've been privileged enough to be around them and their stuff plenty a times and each time I'm at their store in Hauz Khas Village (beautiful little place btw) I'm always finding myself going through the racks to pick out what I think might be my favorite pieces. (there can't possibly be just one) From Carol Gracias to Dia Mirza, Ira Dubey, Lisa Heydon (and oh wow, btw, yeah) to even FERGIE. (Damn straight, you read that right. Even Fergie's worn their swim suit on the cover of 'The Source Magazine's' October issue. LOVES IT.

Not only are these two designers the most talented duo I'VE personally seen, but also the most humble and genuine people I know. And their brand manager, Manisha is kinda hot. :)

Anyway I end this post with a few pictures that I think should be a clear evidence of their awesomeness.

Spot the genius's. :)

The Sari
Dia Mirza in their dress.

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