Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Found Obsession.

I've been familiar with the label 'All Saints'. But since India never really had a store, I didn't have a chance to own anything from it, or even say, browse their collection, roaming down aimlessly at some god forsaken mall. (I browsed muchly online though, I plead guilty) It was only second day in London and I hit Selfridges and picked up a pair of their Rambler Cropped Wellies in black. And oh.em.gee. BEST BUY EVER. I wear them everyday. With everything! They're amazing. Can't say much for the quality but still, loving the boots! The lace up look that it has going on is bang on trend while the 100% rubber makes it practical in times or rain or snow (Which is pretty much every alternate day in the city of London). The second thing I picked up was the Oslo Wallet. It's got this nice contemporary take on the traditional print on it. It's in black and grey, made of this funny suede like texture, but not quite and proves to be a VERY good buy since I hold plenty of cards and this gives a slot for everyone one of them. And a zipper pocket for all the coins. Again, being practical.
All Saints, is fairly expensive. Not your Topman/H&M prices. IT caters to a specific clientele and that is apparent through their prices and their clothes.
The interiors of the shop are absolutely breath taking. The sewing machines all across was a nice touch and the whole old school/vintage wooden appeal to the shop was well put forth. The staff, as always has been nice in every branch of it that I've been to so that was a plus from me there too. (Learn a lesson Louboutin!)

Anyway, here's pictures of the stuff I've got so far!

Rambler Cropped Wellies

Oslo Wallet

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