Friday, October 29, 2010

Here's another one about shoes. (Wow, I'm such ay chick) But I was on this website and going through the shoe section when I saw these sandals by Acne. I've loved Acne since before I can even recall. Their design sensibility has suited mine and their clothes prove to be very modern and contemporary, also very versatile in the sense that mixing and matching with an Acne piece is an easy job. And whatever you may wear- you look pretty darn awesome.
So back to my story: these Acne sandals are MINE. I'm buying them as soon as the new lot of money comes into my account.
I love LOVE how simple they are. Two thick straps- one around the foot and the other around the big toe and the rest is nothing. It's simplistic, brilliant design.
I knoooow London isn't the weather to wear it, but come to think of it. I'll be in India for most of the summers and this is definitely an upgrade from the flipflop trend, no?

This Swedish company woos me each time with what they showcase. Ah, Acne. :)
I only wish that the sandals were in Suede though. But still, I mean, I love it.

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