Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beri beri ghastly.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. The name says it all. A melting pot for creativity, talent and genius combined. UNFORTUNATELY Ritu Beri obtains NONE of the above mentioned qualities. (Oh don't act surprised, her clothes have always made you want to be naked) I mean, there's good design, and there's bad design. Ritu Beri here, is in a league of her own. The Spring Summer 2011 collection has left me, well, somewhat scarred (for LIFE) A colour palette so easy and chic that would normally be IMPOSSIBLE to get wrong, and yet... Ritu Beri takes home the winning title, yet again. (Frankly, I've lost count, the amount of times she's gone wrong)
What was with the frilly layering and the one odd feather dangling from the JEANS? The emroidery- all wrong, fabric- let's not even get there. The hair and make up- didn't suit the collection the least bit, the embellishments on the jeans, dresses and tops- lord oh lord, stop the torture. And the little babies in the end? as 'aw worthy' they might be, it was a seriously over done, and cheesy cheesy touch. Why would ANYONE dress their kids in those clothes? I mean, they look all of 7 years old, max. And this one girl's got some one shoulder dress on and the other with the front of her legs exposed with some frilly metallic monster of a dress trails around her creepily. NOT CUTE. AT ALL. And lol. WTF was up with the exposed bra dress?
Also, tacky TACKY decoration, with the bench's and the black chandeliers. (And her logo kinda sucks. :s)
Highly disappointed. Oh wait. It just struck me. HALLOWEENS HERE! This time, I might even consider dressing up as one of Ritu Beris models. (Ah, and how ghastly that would be.)

Here's some pictures for all to see, maybe you guys can find your Morticia Adams costume here. (No wait no, even Morticia had some sense of style, my bad.)

Pictures courtesy: Wills Lifestyle India Fashionweek pictures on Facebook.

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  1. You are so right
    that is just plain ghastly!
    P.S.- Great blog <3 the name