Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Found Obsession.

I've been familiar with the label 'All Saints'. But since India never really had a store, I didn't have a chance to own anything from it, or even say, browse their collection, roaming down aimlessly at some god forsaken mall. (I browsed muchly online though, I plead guilty) It was only second day in London and I hit Selfridges and picked up a pair of their Rambler Cropped Wellies in black. And oh.em.gee. BEST BUY EVER. I wear them everyday. With everything! They're amazing. Can't say much for the quality but still, loving the boots! The lace up look that it has going on is bang on trend while the 100% rubber makes it practical in times or rain or snow (Which is pretty much every alternate day in the city of London). The second thing I picked up was the Oslo Wallet. It's got this nice contemporary take on the traditional print on it. It's in black and grey, made of this funny suede like texture, but not quite and proves to be a VERY good buy since I hold plenty of cards and this gives a slot for everyone one of them. And a zipper pocket for all the coins. Again, being practical.
All Saints, is fairly expensive. Not your Topman/H&M prices. IT caters to a specific clientele and that is apparent through their prices and their clothes.
The interiors of the shop are absolutely breath taking. The sewing machines all across was a nice touch and the whole old school/vintage wooden appeal to the shop was well put forth. The staff, as always has been nice in every branch of it that I've been to so that was a plus from me there too. (Learn a lesson Louboutin!)

Anyway, here's pictures of the stuff I've got so far!

Rambler Cropped Wellies

Oslo Wallet

Friday, October 29, 2010

Here's another one about shoes. (Wow, I'm such ay chick) But I was on this website and going through the shoe section when I saw these sandals by Acne. I've loved Acne since before I can even recall. Their design sensibility has suited mine and their clothes prove to be very modern and contemporary, also very versatile in the sense that mixing and matching with an Acne piece is an easy job. And whatever you may wear- you look pretty darn awesome.
So back to my story: these Acne sandals are MINE. I'm buying them as soon as the new lot of money comes into my account.
I love LOVE how simple they are. Two thick straps- one around the foot and the other around the big toe and the rest is nothing. It's simplistic, brilliant design.
I knoooow London isn't the weather to wear it, but come to think of it. I'll be in India for most of the summers and this is definitely an upgrade from the flipflop trend, no?

This Swedish company woos me each time with what they showcase. Ah, Acne. :)
I only wish that the sandals were in Suede though. But still, I mean, I love it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christian Louboutin FW 10.

So I need to have these in my life. I'm willing to sell my soul to the devil. I'LL DO ANYTHING.
Both of them, the one with the black and white AND the one with the leopard print. GIMMI GIMMI GIMMI.

You know what they say, nothing says fashion like the right pair of shoes! (Okay, I'm not sure if they actually really even say that, but incase they don't, it needs to be said!)

Beri beri ghastly.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. The name says it all. A melting pot for creativity, talent and genius combined. UNFORTUNATELY Ritu Beri obtains NONE of the above mentioned qualities. (Oh don't act surprised, her clothes have always made you want to be naked) I mean, there's good design, and there's bad design. Ritu Beri here, is in a league of her own. The Spring Summer 2011 collection has left me, well, somewhat scarred (for LIFE) A colour palette so easy and chic that would normally be IMPOSSIBLE to get wrong, and yet... Ritu Beri takes home the winning title, yet again. (Frankly, I've lost count, the amount of times she's gone wrong)
What was with the frilly layering and the one odd feather dangling from the JEANS? The emroidery- all wrong, fabric- let's not even get there. The hair and make up- didn't suit the collection the least bit, the embellishments on the jeans, dresses and tops- lord oh lord, stop the torture. And the little babies in the end? as 'aw worthy' they might be, it was a seriously over done, and cheesy cheesy touch. Why would ANYONE dress their kids in those clothes? I mean, they look all of 7 years old, max. And this one girl's got some one shoulder dress on and the other with the front of her legs exposed with some frilly metallic monster of a dress trails around her creepily. NOT CUTE. AT ALL. And lol. WTF was up with the exposed bra dress?
Also, tacky TACKY decoration, with the bench's and the black chandeliers. (And her logo kinda sucks. :s)
Highly disappointed. Oh wait. It just struck me. HALLOWEENS HERE! This time, I might even consider dressing up as one of Ritu Beris models. (Ah, and how ghastly that would be.)

Here's some pictures for all to see, maybe you guys can find your Morticia Adams costume here. (No wait no, even Morticia had some sense of style, my bad.)

Pictures courtesy: Wills Lifestyle India Fashionweek pictures on Facebook.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lanvin really does heart H&M- best collaboration yet!

Great news you guys! So the first peek at Lanvin for H&M was courtesy (a fab blog, that everyone must check out!) and I would LOVE to share a few images of the collection here with you! I love how the essence of the label is SO strong. It's supa dupa luxe fashion at high street prices. The accessibility to the general mass is a great way of letting people get a taste of the finer things in life. This is limited addition though, so finders keepers, expect cat fights and more the second the collection hits the London stores. Oh gosh. The fashion show for this collection is due in 9 days from now. I'm going to be Youtubing that!
Predominantly black (no surprises there) Lanvin has retained it's essence by being bold and strong on structure and yet very elegant. The collection comprising from Dresses, blazers, pants to accessories like SHOES (!) and bags/clutches and even sunglasses (by the looks of it). I'm already a fan of what I see. Can't wait for the rest of the collection to be showcased.
And here's hoping there's something for men too! :(

AND, I love the carry bags. Heh heh. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shrivan Narresh.

The variety of fabrics, textiles, clothes and handicrafts have drawn many people to our country. Take international super brand like Prada with its limited addition Chikan Kaari clothes and jute slip ons and hand bas. Homeward bound, of course. this country is NOTHING short of talent. Putting forth, to the world, all that we have to offer. From Ritu Kumar to Tarun Tahiliani, almost every designer has collaborated their Indian heritage into their designs, for many years, and many more to come. BUT THAT'S BORING NOW. Pfft.
Check this out, Shrivan Narresh. The insanely talented designer duo who steer clear from the cliché. Oh but don't get me wrong- I mean, expect Saris too- except these ones, are made of Lycra and bejeweled shoulder pads. Indias first luxury swim suit brand ever (ever) and perhaps what you can call 'pioneers' of it all. I've been privileged enough to be around them and their stuff plenty a times and each time I'm at their store in Hauz Khas Village (beautiful little place btw) I'm always finding myself going through the racks to pick out what I think might be my favorite pieces. (there can't possibly be just one) From Carol Gracias to Dia Mirza, Ira Dubey, Lisa Heydon (and oh wow, btw, yeah) to even FERGIE. (Damn straight, you read that right. Even Fergie's worn their swim suit on the cover of 'The Source Magazine's' October issue. LOVES IT.

Not only are these two designers the most talented duo I'VE personally seen, but also the most humble and genuine people I know. And their brand manager, Manisha is kinda hot. :)

Anyway I end this post with a few pictures that I think should be a clear evidence of their awesomeness.

Spot the genius's. :)

The Sari
Dia Mirza in their dress.