Monday, August 9, 2010

She, Dies.

Everyone in and out of the fashion frat would probably have heard of the name Rachel Zoe, perhaps the most well recognized stylist there is, today (amongst thousands across the world) Rachel has a million dollar empire, she has a multi million dollar closet and a billion dollar phrases copy written (?) and all, or at least it should be!
Are just two of the many quotes she's famous for...

But what if, the designers, really did take her quotes quite literally?
What would the outcome of that be?

Blood shed and a world famous trial? (Much like OJ Simpson, except the court room would be filled with couture and Christian Louboutins)

Here's an interpretation I saw on the Harpers Bazaar website.

With a list of A-list American designers like
-Shoe extraordinaire Brian Atwood- Just when you thought death by shoes was always your dream.
-The Project Runway diva Michael Kors
-The controversial designer Marc Jacobs
-King of simplicity- Francisco Costa.
-And the bridal beauty Vera Wang

Picture, all of them, going in for the kill.

Take a look below. :)

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