Thursday, August 19, 2010

New shoes for men Louboutin. :)

In addition to the studded high top trainers by the genius Louboutin, himself. Christian Louboutin has added a few more to his collection for men. Now here's what's awesome. India doesn't have a Louboutin store yet, and I've always been a fan of those red soles but they were always for women! BUT now that I'm shifting to London this fall (Shopping Mecca!) I've decided that every month I'm going to try and save some money for me to eventually spend on expensive goods that I will not ask my parents to buy for me. (Since I'm not really earning yet)

But I do like the second ones! My next buy, perhaps?
The Swarovski encrusted ones retail for about £ 1535, while the leopard print ones retail for £595 and the metallic ones retail for £440. Available at Harvey Nichols.



  1. I love these shoes! xD
    One with the animal print is just like the one Chris Brown used.

  2. I had an elaborate plan of how I'm going to save up every month and within just 5 months I'd be able to afford these.

    Yah, not working out too well for me. I just can't save up. :\

    Too see my new shoes though, check out my latest post! :)