Thursday, August 19, 2010

New shoes for men Louboutin. :)

In addition to the studded high top trainers by the genius Louboutin, himself. Christian Louboutin has added a few more to his collection for men. Now here's what's awesome. India doesn't have a Louboutin store yet, and I've always been a fan of those red soles but they were always for women! BUT now that I'm shifting to London this fall (Shopping Mecca!) I've decided that every month I'm going to try and save some money for me to eventually spend on expensive goods that I will not ask my parents to buy for me. (Since I'm not really earning yet)

But I do like the second ones! My next buy, perhaps?
The Swarovski encrusted ones retail for about £ 1535, while the leopard print ones retail for £595 and the metallic ones retail for £440. Available at Harvey Nichols.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Balmain Autum/Winter 10.

All things DVF.

Much like many designers/design houses, who venture out into things- non fashion, like Mobile Phones (Dior, Prada, etc.) Dian Von Furstenburg is doing something well, close. Iphone covers with her signature 'pop art' lips at the back. Look down and see what else she's been up to:

Dian Von Furstenburg just released a line for a Hospital in the U.S. of A, these hospital gowns aren't anything like her line but hey man, it's better than those ugly blue ones with the butts exposed, no? And it's DVF.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shoe Obsession much?

Here's praying Tamara Melons daughter grows up to have the same shoe size as her mothers.
Otherwise, oh, what a shame it would be...

Photo Credit: High Heel Confidential.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Char like a lotte.

Charlotte Olympia, a haven for all shoe lovers. Designer Charlotte designs her shoes herself and manufactures all of them in Italy to ensure utmost craftsmanship.
Her heels are higher than Louboutins and her platforms are her signature.
She is one of my favorite shoe designers and her shoes are magnific!
Celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kate Moss have been spotted wearing her shoes and her sky high heels look great with every outfit!

Here's her fall 2010 collection! Love it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild things. This one's about a bag.

I'm going to admit it, leopard print is cool. (My Google Chrome panel is leopard print, and I think it's rather cool)
You know what else in Leopard print is cool?

A Leopard
This bag is the reason for this entry. I'm not sure who makes this clutch but this oversized and pretty much shapeless (even though, it is clearly rectangular) bag is the perfect accessory to have, to team with a simple sheath dress in a black or a creamy white and nude pumps, non?

And also, I think this man is pretty cool too. Just saying. :)

She, Dies.

Everyone in and out of the fashion frat would probably have heard of the name Rachel Zoe, perhaps the most well recognized stylist there is, today (amongst thousands across the world) Rachel has a million dollar empire, she has a multi million dollar closet and a billion dollar phrases copy written (?) and all, or at least it should be!
Are just two of the many quotes she's famous for...

But what if, the designers, really did take her quotes quite literally?
What would the outcome of that be?

Blood shed and a world famous trial? (Much like OJ Simpson, except the court room would be filled with couture and Christian Louboutins)

Here's an interpretation I saw on the Harpers Bazaar website.

With a list of A-list American designers like
-Shoe extraordinaire Brian Atwood- Just when you thought death by shoes was always your dream.
-The Project Runway diva Michael Kors
-The controversial designer Marc Jacobs
-King of simplicity- Francisco Costa.
-And the bridal beauty Vera Wang

Picture, all of them, going in for the kill.

Take a look below. :)

Hey don, franshipz?

Dear Lisa Haydon
Be mine. Forever.
Thank you.

Okay seriously. No seriously.
I have nothing to say.

Seen in the first picture, Lisa Haydon, being hot and seductive, and edible and hot and sedu... anyway. Wearing a grey and yellow swim suit by the two most talented Indian designers I know (other than Atsu, Alpana and Neeraj and Prashant Verma of course)- Shrivan Narresh. And in the second image of course, a poster for a debut film, Aisha. Which is the reason I fell in love with her. I stopped eating my pop corn, man!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

These shoes aren't made for walking.

I'm not really sure, whether these shoes are made for walking. Or not. But they sure do look good otherwise.
Check out Nicholas Kirkwood, Giuseppe Zanotti, Brian Atwood and Alexander McQueen's shoe collection! While, Alexander McQueen might be a little, well, way out there... I like the Zanottis and Brian Atwood shoes the most.