Monday, July 12, 2010

Only theo best.

Last summer, while on summer vacation in Bombay, my favorite city in the country I discovered this little patisserie called Theobroma. Their chocolate cakes and fudge things are well, worth dying for.. True story.
Me, being the foody I'm very well known to be. If I like something, I'm always going to pine over it if I can't get it. It's been a year since I visited Bombay last. I've planned many trips down there just so I can go chill at Theobroma, EVERYDAY. Drink hot chocolate and eat a nice warm croissant, listening to music or catching up with my friends there.
Ah, life. Life. :)
Here's a few pictures from the Theobromas public Facebook profile.

And trust me when I say this, they're the BEST at what they do. There's no bakery that matches up no restaurant that can serve sandwiches tastier than theirs and no coffee shop that makes better Hot Chocolate (Although Big Chill is pretty good too, but anyway) I mean, I travel the world in search of the best food, and I just realized there's really no point travelling ANY further than Bombay.

They're located in Colaba and Bandra in Bombay and I really wish they'd open one in Hauz Khas in Delhi. :(

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