Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian gets waxed. Uh oh.

Poor Kim Kardashian.
Normally, when one is bestowed with the honour of having a wax model of themselves, at the famous museum in London, New York, Vegas and somewhere in Asia you'd expect them to be thrilled and excited and kinda anxious to see their clone.
Yeah, well poor little Kimberly Kardashian had the same adrenaline rush seconds before her wax figure was unveiled. Except there was just so much wrong with that model!
For starters, they made her cock eyed. Yeah, you just RUINED pure form of Lara Croft material beauty, right there man, super.
Then, the hair line on the forehead just looks so fake, her boobs are extra large and the skin tone isn't even the same.
The height is wrong, the size of the face is wrong. EVERYTHING is wrong.
They even made her look DISFIGURED. HOW THE HELL? Explain.
What a fail.

Take a look at yourself.
Both the real and the apparent Kim wear an Hervé Legér pink bandage dress, with the wax model wearing what's meant to be Christian Louboutin shoes. And the real one wore the nude Christian Louboutins.

What a let down. They need to reconstruct this one all over again. This was an epic fail.

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