Monday, July 12, 2010

Free My People

I'm considering changing my blog name to 'freakyshoeobsessedpersonblogthing'
I'm OBSESSED. My friend Arushi just pointed out that my blog is more about shoes than fashion as a whole or well, meals. :s
True story.

So anyway, here's another post.
This is another pair of clogs I think are worth mentioning. You see, how clogs are the ugliest trend after embroidered Jeans or well, Ed Hardy.
But these clogs I saw, again by Free People, are pretty cool, eh. I mean Leopard Printed Clogs sounds like the scariest trend there is. But when you see Free People take on it, you'd probably think differently.
LOVE these clogs. (And that's a sentence I never thought I'd say)

Another pair of shoes by Free People are these Buckle Wedges. I have been obsessing over this trend because this trend is all 'biker babe' like and looks amazing with any kind of jeans! You can wear them with Jeggings, you can wear them with Skinnies, you can wear them with Ripped Skinnies or even Ripped boyfriend jeans, folded up! Like how Kim Kardashian wears hers.
Or pair it with a high waisted pair of shorts/tight mini skirt or a nice dress like the one Chloe Sevigny at the Blackberry Sprint event. I just wish that the Free People wedges were in grey suede against the nice brown leather they've used. Contrast of colour and texture! Nice.
(Shoes on Chloe by Chloe for Opening Ceremony)

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