Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hermes gets a new dude.

So, not that I ever thought Gaultier was the shit or anything.

But he DID do Hermes some good. And what I liked about this was that he didn't in anyway let Hermes resemble his own personal brand. (Hint Marc Jacobs) and kept it unique and individualistic, as it always was, and should be.

So, here comes the end of yet another era. Where Gaultier is soon to say farewell to Hermes and concentrate on his own brand.

So, who replaces the master himself? You'll actually be surprised:

Christophe Lemaire. The designer for... Lacoste.

Now, now. It isn't such a bad idea after all! Christophe is known for being a revolutionary designer for his fun line of pop coloured polo shirts by Lacoste, after which many labels followed. I believe he might be an asset to the luxury brand and bring a new face to it that will surely get some mixed reviews but positive from many, I suppose.

Well, here's hoping he breaks the cliché and here's to apple green 'H' buckled belts.

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