Sunday, July 4, 2010

Come homme to papa!

I was on one of those online shopping websites-
Which has THE best collection of designer stuff ever.
From Dior, Gucci, John Varvatos to Comme Des Garcons and one of my all time favorites- Dries Van Noten.
Just as I was done browsing around I happened to see this vest by Dior Homme. It's black, and has draped lapels. It's tad expensive but so beautiful. It's sleeveless (As all vests are meant to be) it's not as short as a waistcoat, really, but beautiful.

Check it out! It was priced at over a thousand pounds. (Whoa) but now it's totally sold out. Imagine. :0

I'm planning to get something similar made. Maybe JUST a bit shorter, and in four different colours each. One's going to be all black, one's going to be electric blue, one's going to be an olive green and one's going to be like a creamy white. :)
So excited.

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